Sunday, September 28, 2008


The older of our 2 cars died several weeks ago, and we've been unenthusiastic about shopping for a replacement, but we've been having occasional weekend logistical conflicts. In the spirit of experimentation, I became a Zipcar member last week and reserved my first car for today. It was a shiny red Mazda 3. Just press the membership card of the person who reserved it to the sensor on the wind shield and the door unlocks. Gas is included! For local short hops there are several advantages over "conventional" car rental--no trips to the office during office hours for paperwork, no problem about picking up and returning on Sunday. This could allow us to put off car shopping for a long time. The only issue for me--as with any rental--is having to return it where it was picked up. I understand why they require it, but sometimes that wouldn't be so convenient. Still, it's a great idea.

Monday, September 08, 2008

After the rain

Saturday it rained--at last!--and now the weeds seem even more overgrown, and there are mosquitoes. But today there are also 2 Painted Ladies on the sedum, along with the crowd of various folded-wing skippers and bees. The goldfinches come in the morning to feed on the zinnias going to seed under the kitchen window.