Sunday, November 09, 2008

Cleaning up, continued

We had a nice sunny day. I put in another 2.5 hours digging in the south west corner, prying up weeds, dividing and redistributing daylilies and siberian iris, and dividing and replanting bulbs as I came across them. I also worked in the 75 small bulbs from a bag I bought at Hardware City on impulse, while we were in line to buy a space heater after the furnace died. It seems that perfection in the flowerbeds, or at least satisfactory improvement, is only about 24 hours away. At this rate, I'll finish in February. At least I'll have a nice new furnace to keep me warm between digs.

November Morning Glories

The morning glories on the fence keep blooming, even as the weather shifts. I've noticed a shift in color on colder days towards an overall pinker tone. Perhaps the shifting weather explains the occasional pink blotches in yesterday's display, which stayed in bloom well into the afternoon.


November butterflies

As mentioned in my previous post:
Painted Lady:

Painted Lady

Painted Lady


Buckeye Butterfly

Monday, November 03, 2008

Cleaning up

Yesterday afternoon was another installment in the flowerbed cleanup saga. This time I worked on the back (south-west) corner. Accomplishments included removal of the big old dead deciduous azalea, digging out a lot of poke weed, and generally digging up and replanting (rearranging) the daylilies in that corner, and the bulbs hiding in their toes. Weeds and weed roots (couch grass, poke weed, and bind weed) filled 2 county-approved paper yard trim bags.
That limited area at least is a lot better but I was rushing. I need several days I don't have to finish and really think things through.
While I was working 3 butterflies came to the purple butterfly bush: 2 painted ladies and a lovely buckeye.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

H2O end of season notes

Just to summarize and catch up:
10/19 I met the water quality program coordinator at what used to be Site 5, where I started out. It seems much as I remember it, but the water wasn't moving much. We took photos and measured out the distance a site must cover under the new protocols. Probably this will be used as a training site.
10/26 We met again, with a team of fairly new monitors, at Site 8. It went well but took so long that I(with my Zipcar) had no time to stop at Home Depot on the way home. Again, I took photos which I'll add later.
This was my swan song as a team leader. I just don't want to deal with the scheduling and logistical obligations any more.