Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sundial, with zinnia

snowy yard 
We're having one of those crisp blue sky winter days that don't generally show up this far south, with a bright sun reflecting off the sparkling snow. The volunteer zinnia is still on the job, this time as a depth gauge for the snow. And the sundial? It's right there in the middle, at the end of the walk.
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Apple sandwich

northern spy apple 
When in Maine in November I picked an apple from the Northern Spy tree, brought it home, and stuck it in the fridge. A couple of weeks later I sliced it for a toasted cheese and apple sandwich.
It was sweet, tart, tangy and crisp. Perfect with some thinly sliced sharp cheddar.
I was reminded of it when I came across these photos while copying today's snow photo. This is real food.
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Still snowing

The predicted Great Snow of 2009 has arrived! This is how our new car looked a few minutes ago. There has been enough wind to blow off some of the accumulation, but we're guessing we might have a foot of snow so far. The forecast calls for more snow all day. It's a fine dry snow--the kind that can keep falling for a long time. What we haven't had so far is the predicted "thundersnow".

New car 
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Saturday, December 05, 2009

First snow, last zinnia

This morning's rain has turned to the season's first snow. It's falling in big thick fluffy flakes, melting on the pavement but clinging to plants. The volunteer zinnia's last blooms are wearing little mounds of snow.

First snow, last zinnia