Saturday, September 17, 2005

Walking, gardening, dining

We walked to Brookside Gardens in Wheaton Regional Park -- almost 3.5 miles (round trip) according to the gmap Pedometer site. A lovely walk that made me tired enough to be calm. I already had a head start on tiredness from working outside in the sun planting the various things I bought last week (white butterfly bush, 2 caryopteris, purple coneflower, helenium, plus all the daylilies I had to move to make room, plus the bit of deutzia I brought back from Maine.)

A fritillary (not sure which medium sized one) seemed to be ovipositing on leaves of violets in the yard, seeming to favor younger leaves in areas I had watered in the course of my planting.

We had dinner at the Mykonos Grill (nice vegetarian moussaka).

Is worry a lack of ahimsa towards oneself?

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