Thursday, April 15, 2010

In the yard today

  • Flowering crabapple "Adirondack"

  • Lilac "Nadezhda", planted back in 2005, is blooming more heavily and beautifully than ever before.

  • Last late daffodils

  • First wave of azaleas

Growing nicely:
  • Crape myrtles (front and back) are leafing out

  • Peonies are up

  • Earliest daylily has buds and later ones are up

  • Korean lilac has buds

  • Early hostas are coming up

  • Siberian iris are up, in spite of needing to be divided

  • Echinaceas and rudbeckias planted last year are up

  • Clematis (what's the plural?) are up

  • Centaurea from Maine, dug up and de-weeded to its bare roots and moved, is budding anyway.

  • Buddleias are leafing out after being pruned

Annuals planted:
  • 2 packs of State Farm zinnias, labeled "mixed"

  • Pansies: Let Freedom Ring mix (front) and Antique Shaded (back)

  • Lacinto Kale and green chard

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