Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring again, begin again

Yesterday was sunny and warm enough to leave my jacket at home and go out with just a fairly heavy sweater. We had a nice neighborhood walk, roughly 2 miles. We passed a flock of crows up in a group of trees, conversing. I would like to know more about their talk. In the afternoon I stopped at Johnson's, which is showing signs of spring. Pansies were on sale so I got some to plant in the back corner around the toes of our little magnolia.

Backyard birds this morning: downy woodpeckers, house finches, red bellied woodpecker hanging on the bottom of the feeder (showing the red belly) and reaching up for seeds, male and female cardinal, junco, mourning dove. A Canada goose flew over the neighborhood. A black squirrel is working hard on the spilled sunflower seeds, eating some and burying some here and there.

Garden: The shorter early daffodils are still in bloom and the taller trumpets have joined them. The next wave is just beginning: the first orange-centered flat one is opening. I'm encouraged to see buds starting to open on the little star magnolia I planted last fall. I was very careful about cleaning up the fallen leaves, and am hoping for no return of the black spots (fungus?) they showed last year. The forsythia will bloom soon. The crocuses are finishing after a nice show. The sedum is up and in back already shows signs of having been nibbled by finches. I've only seen the house finches do this.

Morning start: 2005 vintage pu-erh. Sun salutations (not many, not too vigorous!)

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